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About Me

[WRITING] I am a ghostwriter who has written non-fiction for CEOs and New York Times bestselling authors. My debut novel, Mounting the Whale (Cloud Cover Press, 2013) was published independently to critical acclaim from the San Francisco Book Review. I am currently querying book one of an anticipated trilogy: The Many Names of Magdalena Cruz.

[MINDFULNESS] In addition to my writing I am also obtaining my certification from Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute to allow me to teach Mindfulness and Emotional intelligence to groups from all walks of life. These skills are valuable to anyone, but I have found them especially valuable in business, parenting, education and social justice work.

I am especially interested in ways that writing and mindfulness intersect. If you'd like to bring mindfulness to your writing group or writing class, please contact me.

If you're interested in bringing mindfulness into your organization, please look at my class offerings here at Mindfulness Teachings.

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